Acta City47 is a special accommodation located near Sants Station. It is a four-star hotel for both tourists and business travelers. The best thing about this hotel its stand out architecture, especially the interior of the fully glazed and open-plan hall. By combining new design and new services, Acta City47 can get 4 ratings from its guests. For the rate, it only takes 164.32 dollars per night.


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There are 80 modern rooms in this hotel with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The interior is warm with a perfect color selection in every corner, including the floor, wall, and furniture. The bathroom is designed in an elegant style with full facilities such as hairdryer and bathtub. For the guests who bring their family, Triple Room is designed for them with spacious and modern space. And for those who need more simple and minimalist interior can choose Miniriim Room that has smaller space with the same amenities as Double Rooms.



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The awesome restaurant in this hotel is called “Nass City”. It is designed in luxury comfort for its interior. The guests can enjoy special Mediterranean cuisine with a modern atmosphere. Through the glass wall and windows, the guests can have the best experience of dining with the great views outside the hotel. For the bar, this hotel offers a colorful interior of the bar with a good arrangement of some snacks. There is also an outdoor place for guests who want to enjoy their foods directly outside the hotel.



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There are two modern multifunctional rooms that can be used for holding any type of social event or corporate with up to 100 people for the capacity. Those rooms offer a comfortable and also elegant interior design at the same time. Besides the awesome interior design, every room is facilitated with free Wi-Fi, free water, coffee break service, and also natural light for a more bright sense of the room.

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