As a recommended hotel located in the beautiful Salzkammergut, Austria, Alpenhotel Dachstein is an ideal place and the best hotel for a relaxing and exciting holiday. It is a 3-star hotel with very large modern rooms surrounded by stunning view of the landscape. This hotel is rated 4 because of its facilities, comfortable rooms, and awesome location. The rate per night starts from 146.45 dollars only.


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The very large modern rooms in this hotel are also equipped with a balcony, TV, Wi-Fi, and shower. The floor is made from wood, creating a warmer atmosphere inside. Each room also has a large window where the guests can enjoy the beautiful views right from their own room. The wooden furniture is also chosen to fill in the room for creating a connection between the hotel and nature outside the hotel. The rooms are also spacious with a bright and cozy feeling. Triple and quadruple rooms are also available in this hotel.



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The dining area in this hotel is warm, comfortable, and perfect for chating and socializing. The wooden floor, local decoration on the wall, and comfortable furniture can invite the guests to come enjoy the food menus. The guests can start a day with a rich breakfast buffet. This hotel also offers a good Austrian cuisine and an ala carte menu. The hotel staff only uses regional products to all foods which are freshly prepared only for the guests.



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Alpenhotel Dachstein offers Wellness and Spa facilities for the guests who want to keep their body and mind fit during the holiday. The spa area is designed in a unique way using wood material to create a comfortable treatment time maximally. From the spa area, the guests also can enjoy the panoramic views through the window while doing their treatment. There is also an indoor pool and sunny sun terrace for the guests who want to relax in a simple way in the hotel.

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