Banks Mansion Amsterdam is a 4-star hotel located in Amsterdam. This hotel offers matchless hospitality and personal service for a unique experience. The appetizer and drinks are also great with a lot of complimentary extras. Rated 4 by the guests, Banks Mansion Amsterdam is a recommended hotel with a friendly rate per night starts from 277.99 dollars.


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The rooms from Banks Mansion come with a warm interior designed in the Dutch Berlage style and an awesome combination with the unique full-service concept of the room. The guests can have ‘home away from home’ feeling in every corner of the room. The facilities start from a complimentary breakfast buffet, free Wi-Fi, and also a minibar and decanters in the room.

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The Full-Service Concept from this hotel includes breakfast, drinks, bites, minibar, and more. The guests can book more than a room in a unique accommodation style. The queen or king size bed comes from Topperbox® with a separated bathroom in Mackinlay Junior Suite. The amazing views of the Amsterdam Canal are also very easy to be seen.


Food and Drink

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Every stay in Banks Mansion also includes snacks during the day, unlimited use of the minibar, some great drinks from the self-service bar, breakfast, and so on. The breakfast menus are delicious, providing a good service to start a new day in Amsterdam. The bar is also full of luxurious drinks of wines, cocktails, and beers. The guests also can have some snacks while enjoying the drinks.


Local Hot Spots

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Located in a perfect area, there are a lot of local hot spots to be visited by the guests while they are staying in Banks Mansion. There is Scheepskameel, a special restaurant with a regularly changing menu of classic European dishes. The guests also can visit Bussia, a cool restaurant with a refined Italian cooking style, classic taste, and awesome smell combinations. Some great shops also can be found around the hotel, allowing the guests to get what they need in shopping for some stylish clothes.

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