The tropical touch and contemporary Balinese style can be found in each suite and villa in Bije Suite Villa. It is a 3-star hotel with a combination of green views, Balinese hospitality, and tropical interior. Bije Suite Villa offers a new way to enjoy Bali with an affordable rate per night starts from 49.57 dollars. According to its facilities and services, it has 4 ratings given by the guests.

Suite and Villa

Bije Suite Villa 7

Bije Suite Villa 5

Bije Suite Villa 4

Bije Suite Villa 8

Bije Suite Villa 3

Bije Suite Villa 6

The suite and Villa in Bije Suite Villa are exclusive and also warm. The Exclusive Suite is specially designed with superb interiors and high sense of Balinese art and awesome natural views. The room facilities include room service, LCD TV, pool chairs, en-suite bathroom, and more. The guests also can choose Tropical Paradise Villa in this hotel where they can enjoy a combination of classical tropical with a traditional touch in a serene atmosphere. The villa is surrounded by a tropical garden which is perfect to create positive vibes.



Bije Suite Villa 10

Bije Suite Villa 9

The unique dining experience is available in Bije Suite Villa. The guests can have all-day-dining needs during their stay in the hotel. The fresco café provides Asian and Balinese fusion dishes with a lot of options for drinks. The place is also designed with a natural setting, offering a cozy atmosphere during the meal time. This cafe is designed in a warm style with the wooden furniture of the chairs and tables.



Bije Suite Villa 2

Bije Suite Villa 1

Besides the room facilities in each suite and villa, Bije Suite Villa also has an exclusive pool. This pool can be found in each suite of the hotel, providing an awesome facility to refresh the soul and body right from the room. The pool is equipped with pool chairs so the guests can have a comfortable sitting time near the pool when they just want to relax for a while instead of swimming.

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