This exclusive hotel is opened in 2014 located in one of the city center’s historic buildings in Barcelona. H10 Metropolitan has been decorated and renovated completely by Lázaro Rosa-Violán. It is a 4-star hotel with prestigious interior design, modern rooms, a pleasant terrace, swimming pool, and other complete facilities. Rated 4 by the guests, it only takes 231.99 dollars per night to stay in this hotel.


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The modern rooms in this hotel are dominated with soft white background and warm atmosphere from the wooden materials, including the furniture. The bed itself is white with a unique pattern of the headboard. Thorugh the glass door and a small terrace, the guests can enjoy the view around the hotel. Besides the comfortable rooms, the guests also will get complete room facilities such as amenities rituals, professional hairdryer, slippers, bathrobe, TV with best channels, Wi-Fi, writing desk, minibar, and also telephone. Those rooms are designed for both professional business or the guests who are on a holiday.


Restaurants and Bars

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The restaurants and bars in H10 Metropolitan are designed in a bright and colorful interior. The colorful background on the wall, furniture, and natural style from the woods materials are combined to create the most perfect dining area. This hotel also decorates the interior of the restaurants and bars with some luxury lightings. The Kitchen Restaurant offers a delicious breakfast while the Eden Bar is designed for coffee and tea lovers with a relaxed and comfortable space.



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For the events, H10 Metropolitan offers some modern and luxury spaces that can be used as a meeting place, a gathering activity, or other special events. Those rooms are equipped with complete facilities such as comfortable furniture, big screen, audio, and also cuisines. There is also a modern gym with the latest equipment for the guests who love to exercise in keeping their body healthy.

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