In London, there is a comfortable hotel with modern British design and urban village feel named Ham Yard Hotel. This 5-star hotel is situated around a tree-filled garden with an interior design made by Kit Kemp. With all of its rooms, suites, and facilities, Ham Yard Hotel is rated 5 by the guests. Only with 717.26 dollars, the guests can use a gym, spa, theatre, and library facility in this hotel.

Rooms and Suites

Ham Yard Hotel 7

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Ham Yard Hotel has more than 90 bedrooms and suites which are designed by Kit Kemp. With the art, texture, pattern, and innovative mix of color, the rooms and suites turn into a comfortable and unique accommodation from this hotel. The floor-to-ceiling length windows design can create a perfect space for the guests to enjoy the awesome views of the London skyline.

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There are many options for rooms and suites that can be booked by the guests. Surely, each room and suite offers different facilities based on the guests need. For example, the Terrace Suite located on the top floor. This suite has a kitchen, a powder room, and also a dining table in its spacious room. The bathrooms are also designed with a combination of oak and granite.



Ham Yard Hotel 16

Ham Yard Hotel 14

Ham Yard Hotel 8

The restaurants in Ham Yard Hotel offer a frequently changing menu with some fresh and seasonal ingredients of British produce. The bar in this hotel also offers a created cocktail list with a selected wine list and some awesome food in small plates. With a lot of menus, the guests can choose their favorite foods while enjoying the bar comfortable interior design.

Ham Yard Hotel 1

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Ham Yard Hotel 15

Ham Yard Bar and Restaurants have breakfast menus, a la carte menu, set menu, and also vegan menu. The guests can also have a request to get a special facility of private dining with some best selection of menus and also a design set as they wish. There is also a kitchen garden where some fresh foods are served surrounded by a beautiful view from the green garden of the hotel.



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The Soholistic Spa in Ham Yard Hotel offers a full range of beauty and body treatments in a comfortable treatment room. The rooms are completed with a relaxation area, steam room, and also showers. The gym has complete equipment with some expert personal trainers to help the guests have fun working out with a variety of training techniques and methods based on the need.

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