Hotel Brummell is a 4-star hotel where modern times and a local world of Barcelona meets. It is an urban oasis where the guests can have a unique experience of ‘tropical modernism’ designed by the Australian born- Barcelona based duo. The historic building of this hotel has been transformed into a structure that can house everything that the guests needs. With awesome 4 ratings, this hotel offers a friendly rate per night starts from 163.14 dollars only.


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There four types of rooms that can be chosen by the guests based on their needs in this hotel. Most of the rooms are designed in a contemporary interior with a warm atmosphere and some touches of modern style. Each room, penthouse, and apartments come in a minimalist design with some simple details in every corner of the space. The amenities of the rooms include free Wi-Fi, rain-effect shower, bathroom floor heating, A/C, flat-screen TV, desk, and much more. The architect tries to make the best structure in every room, including bringing great views outside the hotel into the room through the windows.



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The dining facility in Hotel Brummell is called Brummell Kitchen, a place where the guests can enjoy the best foods and fresh drinks. The interior of this place is designed in a charming setting with a lot of touches of contemporary designs. In order to make the interior brighter, there is also a patio “oasis” where the guests can have an escape from the city and enjoy the vintage background that created from the furniture, wall design and some details. The best thing about this kitchen is its homemade, healthy and tasty menus with a homemade breakfast to start an amazing day. This hotel also can use this kitchen space for a special event designed by professional staff only.

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