Hotel SOFIA is a luxury hotel located near Avinguda Diagonal, Barcelona. This 5-star luxury hotel offers the most unique, modern, and spectacular experience for all guests with its luxurious rooms, restaurants, facilities, and services. It is a perfect place to stay in Barcelona for those who want to get full services of room, food, and entertainment. Hotel SOFIA has 4 ratings and for the rate per night starts from 273.22 dollars.


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This hotel has a lot of awesome room designed for those who look for something beyond technology and design. Some rooms have a luxury interior with a balanced, harmonious design that full of a lot of details. Other rooms offer a cosmopolitan style with a comfortable design and contemporary furnishings. Hotel SOFIA also uses a lot of unique and cool decoration for the room interior to create an interesting look for everyone who sees it. With a warm atmosphere, comfortable furniture, and complete room facilities, the guests will have a great experience which is different from other hotels.



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Designed by Jaime Beriestain, the interior of a restaurant in this hotel can invite all guests to come and enjoy the foods. They can have incredible culinary experiences with an infinite array of new textures, aromas, and flavors. The restaurant space is also designed in a unique style with a luxury design. Some contemporary touches are also added to create a variation look inside the restaurant. There is also a book cafe designed in a minimalist interior with large windows for a great view to come, a perfect place for book lovers to enjoy their reading time while having a cup of tea or coffee.



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The facilities of this hotel are complete, including a gym and a spa. The spa space offers a peaceful atmosphere with a calm sense and completely dedicated to well-being. There is also an indoor pool near the spa, offering more great facilities for the guests who love to swim. In the gym area, the guests can have a good time working out with the complete equipment in such as comfortable gym space.

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