InterContinental London is an award-winning hotel located in 1 Waterview Drive, Greenwich Peninsula, London. This 5-rate hotel is a comfortable place to stay and create London timeless memories. As a 5-star hotel, InterContinental London has some spacious rooms and suites designed with a luxury and contemporary comfort. The rate per night starts from 208.80 dollars.

Rooms and Suites

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InterContinental London offers 59 suites and also 453 spacious guest rooms for the guests. All rooms and suites provide a comfortable space designed with a luxury and contemporary style. The room facility consists of high-speed Wi-Fi, a room service, and also a smart TV. The guests can choose whether they need to have a room with one bed, two bed, or a suite type to stay.

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The rooms with one bed are mostly designed in an elegant interior with modern technologies. It is a little bit different for the rooms with two beds. These rooms consist of luxurious space with floor to ceiling windows and contemporary interiors. And for the Suite, the guests will also have a lounge area complete with a piece of comfortable furniture, stunning views, and also comfortable contemporary interiors.



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A vibrant mix of restaurants and bars in InterContinental London is featured with spectacular views too. Meridian Lounge offers a bright and airy space with afternoon teas and light lunches. There is also a Maritime themed bar called Clipper Bar with a gin and extensive rum selection. The guests can enjoy a modern European cuisine with a well-curated wine list in Peninsula Restaurant.

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InterContinental London 11

Located on the 18th floor of the hotel, EighteenSky Bar is a sophisticated bar with stunning views of London. The guests can have some unique cocktails and a terrace too in this bar. And on the first floor, Market Brasserie comes to serve seasonal produce which is rich in provenance that made from a theatre-style kitchen. This restaurant has a great capacity to serve more than 100 people.



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The Spa facility from InterContinental London offers 8 comfortable treatment rooms, sauna, steam room, and including an indoor pool. This facility also provides a holistic and luxurious approach with a professional team to serve the treatments for the guests. With bespoke mosaic tiles, exotic materials, and die-cut pendant lightings, the Spa can provide a calm atmosphere which is unique and comfortable.

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The gym has an awesome and comfortable space for work-out with complete equipment. The pool in this hotel is an award-winning pool that comes with a relaxation pool too. There are some water cannons on the pool, offering an easy way to massage the back and neck. Pure relaxation for the body and soul are provided through several elegant pool-side loungers.