Mandarin Orientalis a 5-star hotel located in Bangkok, Thailand. This hotel is designed with a combination of luxury and comfort for all guest. The 5 rating is given by the guest because of its awesome service, interior design, and complete facilities. Only with 779.45 dollars, Garden King with 1 king bed and all room facilities are available to be booked.

Rooms and Suites

Mandarin Oriental 18

Mandarin Oriental 17

Mandarin Oriental 16

All rooms and suites in this truly remarkable hotel are designed with a combination of elegant Thai style with modern and luxury touches. As one of the best hotel in Bangkok, Mandarin Oriental offers 16 different amazing rooms and suites with a different character added inside.

Mandarin Oriental 15

Mandarin Oriental 11

Mandarin Oriental 5

From the Superior Room to Oriental Suite, all guests can enjoy the beautiful view of Bangkok city right from their room. Each furniture in the rooms and suites are chosen to balance the interior design. With help from lighting, the interior looks romantic especially when night comes.

Mandarin Oriental 4

Mandarin Oriental 1

Mandarin Oriental 3



Mandarin Oriental 20

Mandarin Oriental 13

Some outstanding restaurant and bars in Mandarin Oriental will give you memorable dining experiences ever. Designed with the best concept, every restaurant and bar offers different menus, atmospheres, and comfort for all guests. The most important is the dishes are very delicious.

Mandarin Oriental 12

Mandarin Oriental 6

Mandarin Oriental 19

The French cuisine can be found in Le Normandie while the traditional Thai cuisine can be enjoyed in Sala Rim Naam. Lord Jim’s offers an awesome river view with delicious and fresh seafood. And for the guest who wants to enjoy some pastries, The Mandarin Oriental Shop will be perfect for them.



Mandarin Oriental 22

Mandarin Oriental 23

Mandarin Oriental has Spa & Wellness to treat the guest mind, body, and soul. The luxury spa comes with a serene design and some best unique treatments. This design also blends with the ancient and contemporary technique from the best therapies only in luxurious Oriental Spa.

Mandarin Oriental 21

Mandarin Oriental 10

Mandarin Oriental 2

This hotel also has The Oriental Spa where the guest can have good privacy in a luxurious space while enjoying the treatment. Besides the spa, there is also Fitness & Wellness where the guest can stay in shape with an awesome fitness center with Tai Chi and Yoga classes near the pool.

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