Located near Amsterdam’s most vibrant and artistic neighborhoods, Morgan & Mees is a perfect hotel to stay in Amsterdam. It is a cozy and charming boutique hotel with a lot of inspired menu. This 3-star hotel is rated 4 by the guests because of its services and delicious dishes for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. The rate per night starts from 179.96 dollars.


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All rooms from this hotel are designed in a beautiful white interior with a warm atmosphere. There are three available room types to be chosen: Small Standard, Delux, and Suite. Small Standard is a perfect room for the guests who need a simple space to stay on a short period of time. This room comes with a rain shower, free Wi-Fi, wardrobe, flat screen smart TV, and also Coco-Mat three layer queen-size bed.

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Deluxe room from Morgan & Mees can be booked by the guests who need a little bit more space to stay. It offers a comfortable Coco-Mat four and three-layer queen- or king size bed for a great sleep. For the guests with a longer stay or a special occasion, then Suites is the best room type for them. This kind of room is facilitated with Coco-Mat four layers kingsize bed and also other same facilities with other rooms.


Bar and Restaurant

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Morgan & Mees is one of the best hotels with a lot of awesome menus. This hotel has delicious dishes and menus for breakfast, lunch, and also dinner. From hot drinks, vegetarian menus, steak, and sandwich are available from the restaurant menus. There are also some snacks such as roasted almonds and steamed buns. For the drinks, the guests can enjoy cocktails and wines with a large range of flavors in the hotel bar.

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