Located in the Healthcare City close to the Dubai Creek, Novotel Bur Dubai Hotel is a perfect destination for personal reasons or business. It is a 4-star newly opened hotel with stunning views and contemporary accommodation. The guests can enjoy the high-class amenities and services in Dubai. Novotel Bur Dubai Hotel gets 4 ratings from the guests and it offers a friendly rate per night starts from 180.17 dollars.

Rooms and Suites

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Novotel Bur Dubai Hotel has spacious rooms and suites, designed in a contemporary style. The guests also can enjoy the extra privileges from the room amenities and the awesome views from the room window. There are 5 types of guest room and 2 types of suites. Both room and suite offer a comfortable atmosphere with beautiful details in each interior. The bed has a pretty headboard designed with a bright lamp. There are also some artistic frames hanged on the room wall. The floor is covered with a warm rug. The desk and chair are available for the guests who want to keep their business runs well.


Restaurants and Bars

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Food Exchange Restaurant in this hotel offers international cuisine with contemporary and casual interior design. There is also a bar with some fresh drinks and snacks. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, this restaurant can invite every guest to come and enjoy the cuisine. There are two different bars in this hotel: Gourmet Bar and Roof Top Pool Bar. In the Gourmet Bar, the guests can enjoy a modern and relaxing lounge that perfect for casual or informal meetings. While the Roof Top Pool Bar can be found on the rooftop area of the hotel, providing beautiful views of Dubai skyline with friendly service.


Meetings and Events

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There is one meeting room available that can accommodate 19 people. This meeting room is designed in a modern interior with a lot of touches of luxury styles. The hotel network can organize meetings with everything needed. The facilities of the meeting room include soundproof, AC, Wi-Fi access, daylight, audio and video equipment, and also flipchart. This room is also perfect to be used as the main place to hold a special and private event with family and friends.

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