Located in some different locations in the UK, SACO Apartments offers spacious and stylish apartments for both leisure and business matters. It is a 4-star hotel with perfect accommodation and facilities that can make the guests feel like staying at home. Rated 4 by the guests, SACO Apartments can be the best choice as a place to stay with an affordable rate start from 239.93 dollars per night.


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The properties from SACO Apartments are a perfect base for all travelers and business professionals. This hotel offers stylish apartments with a bedroom option, one, two, or three bedrooms. There are also some studios with complete facilities and furniture to meet all guest needs. Whether it be for only one night or longer, the guests will be served with convenient services only.

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Most of the apartment designs from SACO Apartments are beautified in a modern and contemporary interior. Some of them are also designed with color accents and unique patterns for a more interesting look. The room facilities include a comfortable bed, complete furniture, fireplace, and surely an amazing view around the apartment that can be seen easily.



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Every property of SACO Apartments in London, Nottingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, and other places has a restaurant with great menus and also a bar with a wide range of drinks. The guests also can enjoy the comfortable restaurant space which is designed in a stylish yet cozy atmosphere and completed with the best furniture only.

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The on-site restaurant from SACO Apartments also offers some breakfast menus with afternoon tea or coffee. When night comes, the guests can have a good time with family and friends with a lot of delicious snacks and drinks. This hotel also offers a superior breakfast pack for guests who need to start a day with delicious and healthy foods.

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