Sea Containers London becomes a remarkable South Bank hotel with its 1920s transatlantic cruise liner design near the River Thames, London. It is a 5-star hotel with award-winning food and drinks outlets where glamour meets comfort. Rated 5 by the guests, Sea Containers London is a perfect choice for a place to stay in enjoying the view of the river with all of the complete amenities.

Rooms and Suites

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Sea Containers London offers some rooms and suites with a perfect interior design to explore London in a comfortable way. The standard rooms and apartment suites allow the guests to have a memorable evening with the great river view. Tom Dixon is the designer for all rooms and suites and this hotel, perfecting all details to arrange the best position of a bed, furniture, and lighting.

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The interior is designed with a dark theme that comes from the color elements such as a headboard and even the curtain. The bed itself is beautified with a contrast color like white pillows and colorful bed sheet. In order to give a comfortable feeling with a calm atmosphere, some small lightings are used and arranged well in every corner of rooms and suites in this hotel.



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Sea Containers London offers some casual restaurants with various menus. The menus are made to celebrate the seasonality cooking with a selection of large and small plates. With some Mediterranean cuisine, this hotel only uses local ingredients to create all menus. In Lyaness, the guests can try some weird and unique flavors from some menus with some cocktails types in an iconic space.

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12th Knot is a perfect place to enjoy a glamour atmosphere with a verdant decor and panoramic views. This bar offers a window seat with a balcony and also a dancefloor. The guests need to wear smart casual clothes in this bar where trainers and sportswear are not allowed. With an open-plan layout, 12th Knot has a larger space to facilitate the guests comfortably.



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There is a place in Sea Containers London called agua London where the guests can be transported away by a helping from the therapeutic. The guests also can enjoy some movies in Curzon Cinema with the luxurious 56-seat cinema. In order to keep the guests healthy, there is a perfect gym for all fitness levels and complete equipment.

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