SOPHY® Hotel is a luxury Hyde Park boutique hotel located near the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. This 3-star hotel offers a sophisticated and eclectic interior in every corner of the hotel space, including the rooms, dining area, and event spaces. Based on its accommodations, services, and facilities, SOPHY® Hotel gets 4 ratings from the guests. The rate per night starts from 265.62 dollars.

Rooms and Suites

SOPHY® Hotel 11

SOPHY® Hotel 12

SOPHY® Hotel 14

SOPHY® Hotel 15

SOPHY® Hotel 13

SOPHY® Hotel 6

SOPHY® Hotel 10

SOPHY® Hotel 9

Each room and suite in this hotel is designed with an eclectic collection of art that celebrates the artists, artisans, and community that create those arts. The arts are chosen carefully to inspire conversation inside the hotel within the guests, touch on the past memories, or inviting more people to come to the hotel. Both room and suite are spacious with comfortable furniture and a warm atmosphere. The eclectic arts can be found mostly on the wall of the room and suite, act as interior decoration.



SOPHY® Hotel 4

SOPHY® Hotel 1

SOPHY® Hotel 5

SOPHY® Hotel 7

The best restaurant in SOPHY® Hotel is called Mesler Kitchen, an inviting place to enjoy great drinks and foods. Designed with the same eclectic style, this restaurant is decorated with a lot of great arts that can be found on the wall. With some unique lightings, rug, and furniture, the restaurant interior also looks more interesting to be seen. The guests can enjoy a lot of foods and drinks, including salad, lobster roll, burger, and cocktails.

SOPHY® Hotel 8

SOPHY® Hotel 3

SOPHY® Hotel 2

Private dining service is also available in this hotel. The guests can request private dining or host a special event in the restaurant. The professional hotel staff will prepare all the things that the guest need for private dining. There is also an outdoor area for more intense dining time where the guests can enjoy the awesome views around the hotel and having a romantic dinner with beautiful lightings.

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