South Place Hotel is a 5-star hotel with beautifully designed rooms. This good, great, and greatest hotel offers some beautifully designed rooms in three different types. With the best available rate starts from 302.42 dollars, the guests will have some special amenities and services that can be found anywhere else. This hotel is rated 5 for its great rooms and awesome facilities.


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There are three types of rooms that can be booked by the guests: Good, Great, and Greatest. The rooms of Good consists of South Place Loft, South Place King, and South Place Twin with beautiful interior design and some best room facilities such as daily newspaper, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. The Great offers some luxurious rooms with comfortable and special touches.

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The Great room offers three accommodation: Eldon, Wilson, and Studio. Those rooms are completed with the best and comfortable furniture with the home-like feeling. The last room is the Greatest, an exclusive choice for the guests who need more comfortable spaces with an awesome view. Suite 610 and East Wing are available from Greatest Bedrooms in this hotel.



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South Place Hotel has some suitable spots to meet the guests need for food. Some British foods with cocktails and coffees can be found in the Angler Restaurant. There is also a restaurant in this hotel called Chop House where the guests can enjoy all meat and freshly caught fishes. In 3 Bar, fresh coffee and crafty cocktails are available to be chosen for all celebration events.

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The Secret Garden is designed and transformed into a floral haven to celebrate the season changes in South Place Hotel. The inspiration for this design comes from Martin Miller’s gin botanicals. With palm trees and waterfalls, all fresh drinks can be enjoyed comfortably including champagnes, cocktails, and gin. The library bar and lounge in this hotel is called Le Chiffre, a place to enjoy some snacks and cocktails.



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Spa and gym become the main wellness facilities from South Place Hotel for all its guests. The wellness area is designed with some mirrored walls and floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a motivational work-out and energy boosting. This area consists of a steam room, sauna, and also gym. With a dedicated personal trainer, the guests can have a good guide on fitness and great treatments of the spa from the professional staff only.

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