Located on the edge of Ubud, Temuku Ubud Villas offers new modern villas with full service and modern comfort for all guests. This 4-star hotel consists of Temuku Villas, Temuku Spa, and Temuku Restaurant & Bar with a respect to Balinese tradition. Only starts from 85.68 dollars per night, all facilities and services can be enjoyed comfortably. The guests give 4.5 ratings for this hotel.


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Temuku Ubud Villas has eleven new modern villas, equipped with a private pool and garden. Those villas are beautifully built and designed with a respect to Balinese tradition. The luxury, serenity, and seclusion atmosphere can create a comfortable feeling during the stay. There are two types of villas offered by this hotel: Rice Field View Pool Villa and Jungle View Pool Villa. Both of those villas have amazing views of rice fields and sunset surrounded by jungle.


Restaurant and Bar

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Temuku Ubud Villas offers delicious classic Indonesian dishes and modern international cuisine made from local, fresh, seasonal produce only. The restaurant also has vegetarian dishes with Vegetarian Temuku Spa Menu. The bar offers a selection of drink and wine that can be found at Wine and Beverage List. The best thing about Temuku Ubud Villas is the atmosphere around its restaurant and bar. The atmosphere is fresh and natural which is perfect for a glass of wine or a plate of salad.



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Temuku Spa provides the best experience to refresh body and mind through some holistic massage treatments, wellness, and therapies programs. The best thing about this spa facility is the Balinese massage. This treatment is used for centuries to strengthen and renew both mind and body. The guests can ease calm and stress the mind, improving their blood circulation, and also relieve tension. They also can choose a kind of massage oil that they want to have during the treatment.

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