Another luxury hotel in Amsterdam which is recommended as the best place to stay is The Conservatorium Hotel. This 5-star hotel is located in the Museum Square district, an architectural masterpiece in the heart of the city. The Conservatorium Hotel offers a heritage building designed in a graceful and contemporart style. Rated 5 by the guests, the rate per night in this hotel starts from 705.83 dollars per night.

Rooms and Suites

The Conservatorium Hotel 9

The Conservatorium Hotel 8

The Conservatorium Hotel 11

As a 5-star hotel, the rooms and suites in this hotel are incredibly comfortable and awesome. The rooms are designed in a contemporary and luxury interior with modern comforts and the best technology. With a comfortable and peaceful space, the guests can have a perfect retreat in visiting Amsterdam. The same thing also can be found in the collection of the hotel suites with Dutch design and style in the interiors.

The Conservatorium Hotel 5

The Conservatorium Hotel 6

The Conservatorium Hotel 7

The guests can experience exquisite luxury in all beautiful suites with king size beds and other complete features. Conservatorium also offers Signature Suites, a suite type with awesome comfort, style, and luxury design. Each signature suite has its own interesting and unique character with quirky features. Located on the top floor of the hotel building, the guests can enjoy the stunning rooftop views of Amsterdam city.



The Conservatorium Hotel 2

The Conservatorium Hotel 1

Some best foods and drinks are available in the Conservatorium, made by the best chef only. In Taiko, the chef creativity offers the best food and fresh drink only with an awesome texture, aroma, flavor, and beauty. There is also Brasserie and Lounge where the guests can enjoy contemporary dining including sandwiches, salads, and afternoon tea. One of the interesting dinings in this hotel can be found in its bar.

The Conservatorium Hotel 4

The Conservatorium Hotel 10

The Tunes Bar comes with chic decoration and also shimmering ambiance, a perfect place to enjoy tasty Asian Tapas, cocktails, and champagnes. The Conservatorium Hotel also offers Private Dining and In-Rooms Dining. The guests can have an intimate dinner party with a variety of elegant private dining rooms or having in-room dining to get more privacy in their own rooms or suites.



The Conservatorium Hotel 13

The Conservatorium Hotel 14

The Conservatorium Hotel 3

Akasha is the spa facility in The Conservatorium as a part of wellness. With 1,000 square meters of luxury wellness space, the guests can have a tranquil urban retreat with a private Hammam, a dazzling pool, and also the equipped gym. This hotel also offers special facilities in the wellness such as professional trainers for the gym and therapies for the spa.

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